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York & Associates $500 Referral Program

You know that Commercial Lender in your office that regularly makes record sales year after year with relatively little incentive? Or that Credit Analyst with the uncanny intuition for great credit decisions but who is currently with a bank that can’t support new growth? Here’s your chance to help them out while simultaneously earning a commission from us!

Our referral program is the simplest in the business

You recommend a talented friend or coworker to us and, if your referral leads to a placement, we’ll cut you a check for $500 -no questions asked! There is no time limit on this deal so, whether they are placed that week or years down the road, we’ll remember who put us in touch with them. Think of it as our way of saying “thank you” for helping us to connect them with the career of their dreams.
Okay, now that we’ve gotten your attention, here are the rules:

• You must be the first person to refer the candidate.
Don’t worry -we’ll tell you if they’ve already been referred.

• You can’t refer yourself.
Come on, have some humility! Better yet, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to start connecting you with employers in your field.

• You must make it clear that you are making an official referral.
We consider ourselves gifted listeners but we can’t read your thoughts. If you simply mention someone in passing, we may not get the hint.

•Prior to us placing the candidate, You must complete the online referral form, in order to be eligible for a referral fee.
By having a solid paper trail, we can ensure credit goes where credit is due.

So that’s it! Once the placement is finalized, we’ll contact you to hammer out the payment details. After that, what you do with the money is up to you. It’s yours!



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    “Our experiences working with York & Associates have been nothing short of fantastic. We know we can rely on them to find us the proverbial needle in a haystack.”

    Bob, Credit Union CEO, Alabama